About me...

I am a Chilean contemporary designer seeking to value the insignificant with my portable objects.

The Jewels have been made in the workshop and they are all designed by me. I care about details and I am inspired by nature and my surroundings. I develop unique pieces and jewelry with controlled production. The jewels have a long process of previous experimentation, in which I am defining shapes, finishes and composition.

I like working with different metals, and I use sterling silver (950) in most of them. I also use copper, bronze, aluminum and 304 steel.

My mind is 100% procrastinating, that makes me jump from one topic to another, from one collection to another, intertwining them.

My workshop assistant is Betty and we complement each other very well, to be able to make the jewels that are available in this online store a reality.

I place orders and customize designs if you want changes in color or size, do not hesitate to send me an email to Contact at the bottom of the page.

Oh, and we offer all this at the price you deserve: a fair price!

Sometimes I use discount codes and do promotions. And since you deserve them more than anyone, you will be able to know them all through the newsletter.

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About my Story...

I have a degree in Design from the Catholic University of Santiago, I worked in design and photography for a few years. I specialized in Fine Jewelry in Zaragoza, Spain, at the Vicente Bazán School.

I have been dedicating myself full time to jewelry for 20 years and my business line is APTIQA.

At the same time, I have participated in Joya Brava , the Chilean Contemporary Jewelers Association, since its inception.

I have participated in specialized workshops on the subject of artistic jewelry with: Sharon Kransen, Ruudt Peters, Jorge Manilla, Jorge Castañon and Francisca Kweitel

Joyería Púrpura was born 12 years ago, a venture together with Carolina Cordoba, currently it has two branches in Santiago.

Owner and founder of the Amor Bonito Joyas venture, which was in Patio Bellavista, from 2006 to 2018.

I have participated in exhibitions in Chile, Spain, USA and Germany.

  • 2022 selected Seal of Excellence of Craftsmanship with Fungi ring
  • 2022 selected finalist of the Surrealist Jewelry contest at the Venice Design Biennale,
  • 2022 selected for tour of the Joyas en Movimiento Exhibition, organized and curated by Luis Acosta.
  • 2018 winner annual promotion Mydaybyday Gallery.
  • 2016 selected individual artist at Joya Barcelona.