Jungle Woman

Juguetes Poéticos - Pieza única
$195.000 CLP

year 2020

Poetic Toys Collection

Trying to understand the world from my corner

where absurdity and humor go hand in hand,

poetic toys that reflect my world

where reason is an illusion, because life is absurd, and so hard to digest sometimes...

we are fragments of stories united by emotions

My goals: think and laugh.

A year ago I had a great family loss as the finishing touch to other great goodbyes and changes in my life.

It coincided with a workshop by Francisca Kweitel that made me rethink,

and these toys began to have relevance in my life, they have allowed me to express myself more deeply.

Is this my real and mental "junk", found objects and vivid feelings, comic jewelry? I don't know how to define it.