First Prize Jewelry Exhibition at the Venice Design Biennale 2022

This October 2, the jewelry show was inaugurated at VDW, the Venice Design Biennale, Italy.

Click this Link to the biennial page to see the works of the 13 selected jewelers

Chosen as the First Prize of the Jewelry Exhibition of the Venice Biennale that takes place between October 2 and 23 of this year, selected with two brooches from my Poetic Toys collection.

The call « The mirror of a moment », theme Surrealism


“Vanity” is the title of this mini collection.

Vanity reflected in a hair transplant or abdominoplasty surgery on the perfect geometric figure of an egg. Aesthetic changes are usually consequences of non-acceptance. Our mind betrays us, and we suffer to adjust to successful social parameters. How to generate emotionally healthier individuals as a society?

materials: eggshell, resin, human hair, copper, steel, topaz


How to generate as a society emotionally healthy individuals?
My project Vanity reflects on this issue through a capillary graft or an abdominoplasty surgery on the perfect geometric figure of the egg.
Cosmetic surgery is usually a consequence of non-acceptance: our mind tricks us into suffering to fit acceptable social parameters.
Vanity wishes to add, to integrate, to join the unimaginable and create poetic toys with the intention of changing the significance of value and breathing new life in insignificant materials to transform them into emotional objects.

eggshell, human hair, resin, copper, steel, yellow topaz stone.